Pelangi Education Training Academy (PETA) is dedicated to providing quality training to help SMEs sustain growth with Transformational Change Leadership (TCL) powered by mindfulness skillsets so that the change is internalised and long lasting. Transformational Change Leadership (TCL), A Mindfulness Approach to Sustainable Growth, is a proven approach that has effectively empowered organisations to face challenges caused by the ever-changing economy landscape – enabling them to achieve sustainable growth which stands the test of time. 



The transformation change leadership training programme includes:

  • Transformational Change Management
  • Mindfulness Leadership
  • Ecosystem Rationalisation
  • Business Process Digitalisation
  • Business Model Shift
  • The Next Normal Resilience
  • New Business Ventures



Article written by:

Heng Yann Ling


Dr. Poh Swee Hiang