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Privacy Policy

PPG PERSONAL DATA PROTECTION POLICY | Version: 1.0, Effective 1 May 2021

PELANGIBOOKS.COM, an e-commerce platform under Pelangi Publishing Group Bhd. is committed to protect the privacy of individuals who visit the website and who make use of the on-line facilities.

The Privacy Policy is set in accordance to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 principles by Malaysian Government with the aim of regulating the collection, storage, processing and use of any personal data.

PELANGIBOOKS.COM Privacy Policy governed by Personal Data Protection Policy as below:-


Pursuant to the Personal Data Protection Act 2010 (“PDPA”), Pelangi Publishing Group Bhd. (“PPG” or “the Group”) is mindful and committed to the protection of your personal information and your privacy. This Personal Data Protection Policy (“Policy”) sets out the policies and procedures of the Group with regards to your personal data and your agreement to the usage and processing of your personal data for purposes set out below.

1. Definition

“Group” means Pelangi Publishing Group and/or its holding company, subsidiaries, related and associated companies and companies using or may be using the brands of “Pelangi”, regardless whether such company(ies) are incorporated in or outside Malaysia.

“Personal Data” means your name, age, identity card number, gender, date of birth, address, email address, telephone number, photograph, opinions, comments and such other personal information or your views/opinions that are, have been and may be collected, compiled, processed and maintained with the Group from time to time.

“Channel Partners” means distributor(s), dealer(s), authorised service partner(s), online & offline customers and/or business partners(s)

2. Collection of Personal Data

The Group will obtain your Personal Data when you provide your Personal Data to the Group in any way or matter in connection with your employment and/or proposed employment with the Group.

In order for us to provide you with our Product and/or Services and to operate in an efficient and effective manner, we may need to collect relevant Personal Data from you either manually or through our website, social networking sites, App and so on. When you visit the Group’s websites, there is automatic collection of some information about your computer such as IP address, web browser software, and referring website. Such information is only used for the purpose of creating a better user experience and to identify areas for improvements on the Group’s websites.

As a visitor to the Group’s websites, you may also be assigned a permanent cookie file on your computer’s hard drive. You may always choose not to receive a cookie file by enabling your web browser to refuse cookies or prompt before accepting a cookie. By refusing to accept a cookie, you may not be able to access certain services and tools offered on the website.

3. Purposes of Acquiring and Processing Your Personal Data

The Group may use your Personal Data for the following purposes, namely:-

(a) To process your application/registration;

(b) To communicate with you;

(c) For administrative purpose;

(d) To process and analyse your Personal Data either individually or collectively with other employees;

(e) To monitor your fitness and properness to be employed by the Group;

(f) To make reference check with any third parties

(g) Any purposes in connection with your employment or proposed employment with the Group;

(h) Other purposes which the Group may reasonably deem fit; and

(i) For the Group to discharge obligations required under the law

(j) To send notices, provide services or products information to you

(k) To conduct marketing activities, surveys and customer profiling activities in connection with our services and related products;

(l) To establish and better manage any business or customer relationship

(m) To respond to your enquiries or complaints and resolve any issues and disputes which may arise in connection with any dealings with us

(n) To process any financial related transaction or application with us

4. Consequences of Not Consenting to This Policy

Other than Section 3 (i) above, collection of your Personal Data for the purposes listed in Section 3 is voluntary and optional. However, failure to provide the requested Personal Data or any limitation against the Group to process your Personal Data may result in the Group being unable:

(a) to affect the necessary processes the relevant application/registration;

(b) to provide or update you with the notices, services and/or products;

5. Disclosure to Third Party
5.1 For the purpose as described herein, the Group may share with and/or transfer your Personal Data to:-

(a) The other entities within the Group;

(b) The Group’s Channel Partners as outlined in definition

(c) Any person under a duty of confidentiality to the Group;

(d) Any actual or proposed assignee, transferee, participant or sub-participant of the Group’s right or business; and

(e) Your immediate family members and/or emergency contact person as may be notified to the Group from time to time.

5.2 The Group may also share your Personal Data where required by law or where disclosure is necessary to comply with applicable laws, legal processes or queries from the relevant authorities.

6. Retention and Security of Personal Data

PPG will retain your personal data in compliance with this Policy for the duration of your relationship with us. We are required to keep this information as it may be necessary to protect the interests of PPG and/or its customers. Therefore, we reserve the right to keep your personal data when it is required by the law and/or by PPG’s relevant policies.

PPG is committed to keeping your Personal Data secure and will not sell, rent or trade your personal data. We have appropriate technical, administrative and physical procedures in place to protect personal data from loss, theft and misuse, as well as against unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. Refer to Code of Conduct and Employee Handbook.

7. Acceptance of Policy

You are given notice that the application and/or registration, products and/or services will only be made available to you upon your accepting and expressly consenting to the terms of this Policy, where such express acceptance and consent shall be evidenced by you clicking or checking or indicating accordingly on the relevant consent portion of the forms or such other documents as may be furnished to you, as the case may be.

By so indicating your acceptance of the term of this Policy, you shall be deemed to have expressly consented to the processing of your personal data by PPG or any of its Channel Partners as outlined in definition.

You hereby agree and accept that by registering and/or continuing the application and/or registration, products and/or services, you authorize and consent to your personal data being processed by and where required, disclosed to classes of Channel Partner as identified by PPG for the purposes of PPG providing the application and/or registration, products and/or services to you. For the avoidance of doubt, you also hereby explicitly consent to PPG processing any sensitive personal data relevant such purposes.

8. Access and Correction of Personal Data

1.       You may access to and/or to make any correction to your Personal Data by sending the request to the Human Resource Department.

2.       In respect of your right to access and/or correct your Personal Data, the Group has the right to:-

(a) Refuse your request to access and/or make any correction to your Personal Data in the manner provided in the Act, such as where expense of providing access to you is disproportionate to the risk of your privacy, or where the rights of the others may also be violated, amongst other reasons; and

(b) Refuse your request to access and/or make any correction to your Personal Data as permitted under the Act, including where your Personal Data is being processed by the Group in order to discharge regulatory functions and providing you access and/or the right to make any correction to your Personal Data is likely to prejudice proper discharge of those functions by the Group.

3.       Notwithstanding that access is granted to you or any correction / updating of your Personal Data is performed, this PDPA shall remain valid and effective at all times.

4.       Please direct any request to withdraw consent or to request access and/or correction to any Personal Data to the following:-


Lot 8, Jalan P10/10, Kawasan Perusahaan Bangi,
Bandar Baru Bangi, 43650 Bangi.
Selangor Darul Ehsan.
Tel : 603-8922 3993


The Group reserves the right to revise this Policy from time to time due to changes in applicable laws and regulations and you shall be deemed to have agreed to such revision(s) if you continue your relationship with the Group without any objection. The updated version shall apply and supersede any and all previous versions, including but not limited to, leaflets or hardcopy version. Please check on our corporate website for our most up-to-date practices. By publishing this Policy on corporate website, we shall deem our customers/clients, employees, vendors/suppliers and related parties have been notified.

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