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By Tan Ee Leng 02 May2023
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现代教育 (Ee 在科技风靡全球各个领域的今天,你是否能感受到它在你日常生活中所..
By Zulqarnain Alli 16 Jan2023
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Does your child ask the question 'How does paper become a book?' Child..
By Tan Hong Lynn & Dr Poh Swee Hiang 24 Nov2022
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  Every organisation would want the organisation to grow and not se..
By Heng Yann Ling 20 Oct2022
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Dates: 10 Dec 2021 & 17 Dec 2021   This training was held virtually...
By Heng Yann Ling 06 Oct2022
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所谓“人要衣装,佛要金装“,可见第一印像是还蛮重要的,尤其是小说。一本小说是否受读 者的欢迎,除了内容要扎实以外,小说的封面也有一定的因素存..
By Heng Yann Ling & Dr Poh Swee Hiang 29 Sep2022
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Pelangi Education Training Academy (PETA) is dedicated to providing qu..
By Tan Hong Lynn & Dr Poh Swee Hiang 19 Sep2022
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Pelangi Publishing Group is very committed to achieving its business c..
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