As an educational publisher with 43 years’ experience, Pelangi has always believed in educating future generations in the best possible way. Today, we are still doing our best to achieve that goal.


As we have done over the years, our most exciting development today is still continuously improve on our content and delivery method.


First, our publishing teams continue to research and meet with top educators, in creating the best teaching methodology or pedagogy, ensuring we provide the best education materials to our childrens. Pelangi continues to work with partners across the globe in introducing the best pedagogies to our region.


Second, effective content delivery also plays a key role in ensuring our children receive the best education possible. While book formats and book print quality are key factors of effective content delivery, digital publishing is also our next focus to improve our content delivery method. We currently add digital elements such as video, audio, QR codes and augmented reality into our products. We believe our new digital products would continue to improve our content delivery.



Another exciting development for us would be to extend our expertise to other parts of the ASEAN region. Pelangi currently has its operations headquarters in Malaysia and also operates in Indonesia, Thailand and Singapore. Our products are being localised to suit these local market demands and we hope to also bring the best possible education to children in these countries as well. While we strengthen our foundation in these market, we also hope to achieve the same in other countries within the region as well.

This article is written by:

Mr Sum Lih Kang
Deputy Managing Director of Pelangi Publishing Group