Does your child ask the question 'How does paper become a book?' Children generally love books and Pelangi as a book publisher, has taken the initiative to answer this question for your child through an educational tour. Open to all, it is hoped that this educational tour would open the eyes of children to the world of publishing and appreciate the love for reading in a more meaningful way.

On Thursday, 22nd December, 2022, around 15 children participated in Pelangi Publishing Group's first educational tour, Kembara Buku Pelangi. The educational tour gave the children the opportunity to see the publishing processes involved, visit the printing factory and Warehouse, and generally understand how paper becomes a printed book! It was a good learning experiences for them with the designated ‘Rangers’ bringing the excited children around.

There were four stations involved in the tour, namely Station 1 for Ideation and Conceptualisation where they learned about developing the idea for the book, Station 2 for Writing and Editing, where they learned about the tasks handled by the Editorial team, Station 3 for Typesetting and Design, where they learned about the tasks handled by the Production team and Station 4 for Printing and Binding, where they learned about the printing processes. With hands on activities incorporated at some stations, the children left with a much better understanding about book publishing and had lots of fun along the way! To end the tour, each happy child took home a DIY booklet and an e-certificate.


In any case, it is not possible for educational trips to expand the children's knowledge. Of course, children want to be brought up knowingly and more effectively when they can feel and see their previous experiences. The activities of the Pelangi Publishing Group are going well and of course the children have a story to tell their parents.