Pelangi Publishing Group is very committed to achieving its business core values, vision and mission. In line with the fourth industrial revolution, Pelangi has come out with solutions to improve workflows and transforming processes to optimise the workplace experience which provides opportunities for cost efficiency, productivity and growth.


With 43 years in the publishing business, Pelangi understands their customers well and has the right knowledge to provide them with excellent products and services. By delivering the right services that our customers deserve, Pelangi is on the right track to obtain new leads and retain our loyal customers as we work hard to deliver what we promise. The formula to achieve success is simple but often overlooked by some. Happy employees create happy customers. It is crucial to know the problem and needs of the employees in their daily work routine to ensure best performance. Therefore, Pelangi has already identified employees’ problems and developed portals such as Pelangi People and Pelangi Business Portal which have impacted employee engagement and work efficiency. Pelangi Business Portal helps the business to continue even in very unpredictable circumstances during the Covid’s movement control order. The success of the business portal has been largely contributed by the fact that it is easy to use and smartphone-friendly. Not to mention that it has been successfully implemented since 2015. Automation is the key solution to reduce redundancy, increase organisation efficiency and simplify collaborations.



Overall, Pelangi has implemented smarter workflows and solutions across the company which benefited all stakeholders by leaps and bounds. This will be a turning point to a great strategy for business survival and continued growth.


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Article written by:

Tan Hong Lynn


Dr. Poh Swee Hiang