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Koolkidz The Monster Buster

Koolkidz The Monster Buster
Koolkidz The Monster Buster
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Koolkidz Series:

With the rising incidences of social ills being reported in the news each day, the importance of inculcating good moral values and reinforcing positive behaviour from young cannot be undermined. KoolKidz has been written with this in mind and serves to positively foster children’s social and emotional growth. 

I am not afraid of anything at all … Actually, I am afraid of one thing: the dark. When night falls, a host of monsters come out to frighten me; Flea Monster, Skeleton Monster, Flush Monster and other various creepy ones. I am scared to sleep alone. Are they really monsters? Or are they just figments of my imagination?


Pages: 24pp

Colour: Full colour

Cover: Softcover

Age group: 7 and up

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