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Teaching & Learning Resources

Teachers and educators play a significant role in the process of delivering knowledge and facilitating learning. In order to make lessons interesting, teaching and learning materials are important resources for both the teacher and the learner.

Pelangi has strived to produce several types of teaching & learning resources such as the Teacher’s Edition, e-Samples, e-Books and even free e-Contents. We sincerely hope that these resources will make the learning process easy and enable the teacher to present concepts clearly and effectively.

Brand: Malcolm Mejin SKU: 5295
ONE BOY. ONE ULTIMATE SECRET. Cool looks like just any other normal student in school. But no one kn..
Brand: Dickens Publishing Ltd SKU: 453
Yuck! Courtney Caterpillar isn't looking forward to making cookies with his much-too-little cousin, ..
Brand: Christine Verstraete SKU: 454
Courtney Caterpillar's day is off to a bad start. He need to go to school, but he's missing a pair o..
Brand: Susan Tan SKU: 362
This story is a little girl's account of her father. She starts off by listing his qualities that ma..
Brand: Penerbitan Pelangi Sdn Bhd SKU: 10647
Kino, si tikus mondok pelik apabila tidak melihat orang-orang saljinya. Kino mencari orang-orang sal..
Brand: June Chiang SKU: 14330
Ibu Ayam meminta Piko, si anjing polis untuk membantunya mencari Fifi, si anak ayam. Piko telah bert..
Brand: Susan Tan SKU: 363
At one look, Eve is a charming little girl. But there’s something about her that’s a turn-off—she ea..
Brand: Penerbitan Pelangi Sdn Bhd SKU: 10292
Eda, si ular, sedang belajar mengira tetapi cepat bosan. Apabila Babs, si babun, menunjukkan cara me..
Brand: Mallika Vasugi SKU: 556
When Eddy Elephant sees juicy red apples on a tree, he decides to pluck them. But the problem is … t..
Brand: Choong Merryn SKU: 494
Have you ever wondered how it feels like to be the only Asian foreign student studying in an America..
Brand: Rahimah Muda SKU: 92
ERY itu Bulan mengisahkan hubungan cinta tiga segi antara Ery Andika, Nomi Emira dan Leeqa. Cerita b..
Brand: Gilbert Perreire SKU: 79754
Essential Grammar takes a light-hearted approach to teaching grammar. It aims to help both young pup..
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