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Activity Chest Rainbow Princesses

Activity Chest Rainbow Princesses
Activity Chest Rainbow Princesses
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Activity Chest:

Activity Chest is a wonderful treasure of delightful activities that will keep children amused and entertained for hours. A board game with fairy-tale fun. Colourful stickers to

enchant. Paper dolls to play with. These activity books will guarantee a truly wonderful and magical experience for young children!


Format: 210mm x 260mm

Pages: 24pp full colour 2pp cards (210mm x 260mm) (for ‘Fairy Tales Alive’ and ‘Rainbow Princesses’);

            16pp full colour, 8pp black and white, 2pp stickers (190mm x 87.5mm) (for ‘Farm Animals’ and ‘Dinosaurs’)

Cover: Softcover

Age group: 5 to 6

Activity Chest Series:

-  Fairy Tales Alive (with Board Game)

- Farm Animals (with Stickers)

- Rainbow Princesses (with Paper Dolls)