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Beware, It's Gruesome Ghost! (e-Book)

Beware, It's Gruesome Ghost! (e-Book)
Beware, It's Gruesome Ghost! (e-Book)
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  • ISBN: 978-967-0351-05-6

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Zany Zombie's gang is leaving him for good! They just can't stand Zany anymore. Now, Zany is living in his big castle. All alone. It appears that "somebody" else wants to live in the castle. Eerie and creepy things start happening, frightening Zany to death! Gruesome Ghost wants to stay in the castle! And he wants Zany out! He wants the castle all to himself! Zany is forced out of his castle, all alone and miserable. Zany needs help. But who will help him? And can he ever return to his own castle?