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SKU: 313585
Doug the Dog has lost his sense of smell. One day, his nephews say they know how to find a magic fai..
SKU: 313590
Elliot the Elephant has a short trunk. The other elephants don't want to be friends with him because..
SKU: 313589
Freddy the Frog can't swim! No matter how much he practises, he can't even float. His parents decide..
SKU: 313591
Gavin the Giraffe isn’t very tall for his age. In fact, Gavin is known as the only giraffe in the fo..
SKU: 313584
Olivia the Owl can't see at night! She's the only one in her whole family who can't go out to find f..
SKU: 313586
Sally the Spider weaves a very messy web. No matter how hard she tries, she always gets teased for h..
SKU: 313588
Sheldon the Squirrel always forgets where he buries his nuts! One day, Sheldon can't find even one o..
Brand: Susan Tan SKU: 365
There is nothing more exciting about a birthday party than inviting all your friends to it. That is ..
Brand: Chiara Dattola SKU: 455
The sun is having a bad day. The angrier he gets, the hotter the weather is. The plants below are wi..
Brand: Christine Verstraete SKU: 460
Courtney Caterpillar is going for a ride …inside Katie Kangaroo’s pouch! Katie jumps, jumps and jump..
Brand: Penerbitan Pelangi Sdn Bhd SKU: 3209
This book is suitable for children age 4 to 7. "King of the Jungle" is a story about animals in the ..
Brand: Antonio Vincenti SKU: 559
Kino’s room is in a mess! Toys are everywhere. How on earth is Kino going to keep his room clean and..
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