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Why Cats Live With Humans

Why Cats Live With Humans
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Why Cats Live With Humans
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Why do cats live with humans? This story tells of how a cat that managed to escape the clutches of an angry tiger ends up living with humans.

Owl Series:

A collection of interesting animal tales creatively written to instil in children the love of reading as well as inculcate in them some positive values. Young readers who like stories of how crows came to be black, how tigers came to have stripes and other stories of this type will find this series of wonderfully-illustrated storybooks a treasure.

Owl Series:

- Why Crows Are Black

- Why Tiger Have Stripes

- Why Giraffes Have Long Necks

- Why Chicken Peck the Ground

- Why Cat Live With Humans

- Why Crocodiles Have Rough Skin

- Why Pythons Are Not Poisonous

- Why Dogs Stick Out Their Tongues