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Koolkidz - It's My Party

Koolkidz - It's My Party
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Koolkidz - It's My Party
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There is nothing more exciting about a birthday party than inviting all your friends to it. That is what Lynn decides to do: invite all her classmates. But there is a problem—orphans Betty and Carlos are invited, and the other children are not happy about it. The children refuse to attend the party if Betty and Carlos go. Lynn is upset with her friends’ attitude, but is determined to invite Betty and Carlos anyway. In the end, her party turns out to be something more—than she has bargained for.

Koolkidz Series:

With the rising incidences of social ills being reported in the news each day, the importance of inculcating good moral values and reinforcing positive behaviour from young cannot be undermined. KoolKidz has been written with this in mind and serves to positively foster children’s social and emotional growth. 


Format: 165mm x 225mm

Pages: 24pp full colour

Cover: Softcover

Age group: 7 and up

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