Dates: 10 Dec 2021 & 17 Dec 2021


This training was held virtually. It was attended by 29 participants from Pelangi Formpress Sdn Bhd, The Commercial Press Sdn Bhd, Penerbitan Pelangi Sdn Bhd and Tunas Pelangi Sdn Bhd.



The training was divided into two sessions:

Session 1 helped participants to identify the structure and functions of their own company in order to plan actions that can improve the efficiency of their jobs.

Session 2 focused on the external ecosystem of a company. Participants were required to identify their potential business partners, proposed company value proposition and value architecture.




There were five (5) workshops conducted during the two days training sessions.

The following diagrams show the tasks for Workshop 2 and the outcomes of this workshop by two groups of participants.






After the training, we received some feedback from the participants:

“The Ecosystem training is good. We can understand more the changes of company’s direction, and how we can adapt these changes and apply it on our job.” - Zoe Lim, Online marketing


“The Ecosystem training got a lot of good examples for us to understand. The ground discussion also allow us to re-think and managed to come out the good ideal for us to apply to our job.” - Lai, Marketing


“Great training and looking forward for more training topics.” - Lay


“Value proposition - yes, to emphasis our main strength and convey it to our customers.” - Goo, Pelangi Formpress Sdn Bhd



As the first training conducted by PETA  officially, we are glad to receive positive responses and constructive advices from the participants. We look forward to sharing our experiences to help more SMEs to sustain growth with transformational change and leadership powered by mindfulness skillsets so that the change is internalised and long lasting.


Article written by:

Heng Yann Ling